Archbishop Lori’s Homily: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time; St. Margaret Parish

“I’m delighted to return to St. Margaret Parish on Father’s Day to offer this Holy Mass for all of our fathers, both living and deceased. Pope Francis has great devotion to St. Joseph and sees him as a role-model for fathers. The Pope often speaks of how St. Joseph guided Jesus so that our Savior would grow ‘in wisdom, age, and grace’. So also, he urges fathers to stick by their children’s side, teaching, guiding, and loving them. My own Dad just turned 97 years old and it still means the world to me when he tells me that he loves me, prays for me, and thinks about me. So, to all our dads let us offer our thanks – and let us hold them up in prayer during this holy Mass.

“Today we also recognize the spiritual fatherhood of the priests who serve you so devotedly here at St. Margaret’s, Msgr. Schenning, Fr. Nicodemus, Fr. Rogue. We thank you for your devoted leadership and service to this parish family. And, in a special way, I want to thank you, Msgr. Schenning, as well as your co-workers and all of you who are part of this parish community for renovating and updating the daily Mass chapel. I am honored to bless it at the conclusion of this Mass.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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