Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Feast of the Transfiguration; 60th Anniversary of Msgr. John Auer

“Some sixty years ago, a newly ordained priest, Fr. John Auer, arrived at his first assignment, St. Jane Frances in Pasadena. Evidently there was no fanfare, no banners, no welcoming committee, no formal introduction to the parishioners . . . No, he just showed up and found the pastor, Fr. Raymond Kelly, in the backyard, sitting with his little white dog. After a brief greeting, the pastor said to him, ‘Go into the Church and hear confessions,’ …something Msgr. Auer has been doing every week for nearly six decades.

“Thus did Msgr. Auer begin his long and extraordinarily fruitful priesthood: hearing confessions on a Saturday afternoon in a suburban parish. This humble beginning might seem pretty far removed from the mystery of the Transfiguration just proclaimed in the Gospel – but in fact, I would say and I think you would say that Msgr. Auer has spent his whole life proclaiming the glory of Jesus, helping us to listen to him, and helping us to shine inwardly with the goodness and glory of God revealed on Jesus’ transfigured face. It’s not my intent this morning to canonize Msgr. Auer but I would like to illustrate how, in his priestly ministry, he has brought us close to Jesus and shared the life of Jesus with us.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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