Archbishop Lori’s Address to the 135th Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention

_MB34489“I hope you’ll agree – it’s been a wonderful Convention. And it has been a special pleasure for us to be here in St. Louis, a city with such deep Catholic roots, a local church with a strong missionary spirit, an Archdiocese that is the Church’s ‘gateway to the West’.

“During the days of our Convention, we have focused on the theme ‘Convinced of God’s Love and Power.’ This means we believe that the God of glory and majesty – the God of infinite power and might – really does know us, really does care about us, and through his Son Jesus really does accompany us throughout our lives. And more than that, we believe that God’s love is powerful – powerful to change our lives, powerful in overcoming our sins, powerful in changing our plans and priorities such that we no longer live for ourselves but for Christ and for others. And we have seen this theme – so fundamental to the Gospel – celebrated, preached upon, and exemplified in countless ways in the days of this, our 135th Supreme Convention.”

Read the complete address HERE.


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