Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Transitional Diaconate Ordination

“All dear friends, gathered for this diaconal ordination: Today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles describes how, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles discerned that they should appoint and ordain co-workers to assist them in their ministry. In the first instance, this was a generous response to a genuine pastoral need. The Christian community, made up of Jews and Greeks, was growing rapidly. And while the Apostles must have rejoiced to see such growth, reading between the lines, we get the impression that they couldn’t handle it all. In fact, the Apostles were getting complaints – something I find rather consoling! The Greek converts were complaining that their widows – who were in need of the charity of the whole community – were being neglected.

“The Apostles did not tell these converts to write a report or to fend for themselves. Rather, prompted by the Spirit, they chose seven reputable men. They prayed over them and laid hands on them – or, as we would say, they “ordained” these seven men to assist them in ‘the daily distribution’ – that is to say – in the charitable assistance the community offered to those in need.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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