Saturday, 4th Week of Easter/Our Lady of Fatima; Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC; Baccalaureate Mass Homily

“Thank you Abbot Placid and President Thierfelder for your kind invitation to offer the Baccalaureate Mass for the Class of 2017 of Belmont Abbey College. And congratulations to you, our graduates – we are so proud of you! I am happy to share this day with you and with your families and your friends. It is a day of joy and gratitude, a day to celebrate achievements, a day to look back and a day to look ahead. I am confident that Belmont Abbey College has prepared you well for the future by formation in the excellence of virtues and the virtues of excellence. The truth remains, however, none of us really knows what the future holds.

“Commencement speakers (and here I include homilists) sometimes say silly things. Graduates are often told that the world is their oyster (with only a few suspecting that this phrase comes from Shakespeare). They are told that they can be anything they want – even to the point of completely reinventing their identity or that there is utterly no limit to their creativity. Sometimes people like me tell people like you that the world is just waiting for you to emerge from the walls of this college and that your generation will be the one to conquer every challenge, ranging from world peace to the common cold. I came this morning not to say such unrealistic things but rather to pray with you that you may have “a future full of hope”, not a future distorted by mirages.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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