Funeral Homily for Lawrence J. Hogan, Sr.

“Dear family members, distinguished guests, dear friends,

“Some forty years ago, as a newly-ordained priest a former congressman and the then-current Prince George’s County Executive was a parishioner at St. Joseph’s in Landover where I was an assistant pastor. My first or second weekend was the first time that I was privileged to meet Larry and Ilona and it was the first time they were less than privileged to listen to my very first attempts at preaching. Little did either of us imagine that someday I’d be doing this!

“In those days I didn’t follow politics quite as closely as I do today so it was only gradually that I realized what a varied and interesting career Larry had. In everything he did there seemed to drive, passion, and commitment – so much so that one might say he was in perpetual campaign mode. It’s not that he was perpetually running for elected office. Rather he was strenuously working for that which he believed in. He readily ‘took to the field’ of life – striving to achieve what he believed to be right and good for his family, for his county, for his state, and for his country.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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