Divine Mercy Sunday Homily

“In the last few days we’ve seen videos of angry confrontations on airliners. Throughout the country there are angry demonstrations about many things. Whether you drive on the Beltway or a downtown thoroughfare, someone is likely to blow their horn at you or cut you off or maybe shout at you. The Internet, especially the social media, is filled with angry, disparaging comments, comments that often ruin the reputations, even the lives of others. Perhaps in the last few weeks or months you have witnessed an angry confrontation in the workplace or a social setting. How can we miss the anger that infects not only our politics but also endangers the very peace of the world itself? Yes, there’s a lot of public anger in the media, on the Internet, in the streets, in the workplace, and among the nations.

“But public anger, alas, is not the whole story. There is also the private anger that is so easily harbored in our hearts – anger against family members, co-workers, enemies, even our friends. Anger and disappointment over the unfairness of life, over missed or denied opportunities, even anger and disappointment with oneself. How many people harbor grudges throughout their entire lives and even take these grudges and resentments to the grave?”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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