Wednesday, Octave of Easter; 25th Anniversary of The Gift of Hope

“It is a joy to share with you this wonderful anniversary – the 25th Anniversary of The Gift of Hope – and to do so in the midst of the Octave of Easter, the intensely joyful eight-day celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection. It’s like having eight Easter Sundays in a row!

“Easter is preeminently a celebration of hope. As Pope Francis notes, hope is not mere optimism that things will get better. Rather, hope is a gift that enables us to trust in the Lord’s promises, to experience the new life of grace here on earth, in the midst of our trials, while pressing ahead toward the fullness of life in heaven. St. Teresa of Calcutta, at Cardinal Keeler’s invitation, established this home on the foundation of the hope that is ours in the Risen Lord. Indeed, it was only a few weeks ago that we commended Cardinal Keeler to the Lord and I like to think that Mother Teresa greeted him upon his arrival in eternity – and that the Cardinal was even happier to see her there than when he welcomed her to Baltimore a quarter century ago . . . We pray that Cardinal Keeler now experiences the fulfillment of all he hoped for, in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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