Easter Sunday 2017 Homily

“John the Evangelist’s account of the Resurrection tells how Mary Magdalene came the tomb of Jesus while it was still dark. There she found the stone removed from his burial place. The Gospel of Matthew also tells how the stone was rolled back as do the evangelists Mark and Luke.

“Upon seeing the stone rolled back, Mary Magdalene’s first thought is not that the Lord had been raised from the dead but rather that someone had stolen the Lord’s body. In fact, widespread rumors of a grave-robbery were used by the authorities of the day to explain why the stone was rolled back and the tomb was empty. Yet the evidence offered by the burial cloths inside the tomb tells another story. It is unlikely that grave robbers would have unbound Jesus hand and foot and equally unlikely they would have neatly rolled up the burial cloths and put them in a separate place. No, all this doesn’t look like the work of robbers but rather the handiwork of God in whose Spirit Jesus was raised from the dead.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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