Holy Saturday Vigil Homily: Unearthing Jesus

“Perhaps it’s just me – but I often experience Holy Saturday as a day of deep silence, a haunting stillness. After the joy of the Last Supper and the immeasurable sorrow of the Crucifixion, Holy Saturday commemorates the day when Jesus lay in a borrowed tomb. As Jesus’s friends and followers attend to the details of his burial, and the tomb is sealed with a great stone – a certain heaviness hangs in the air … surely for the disciples who participated in that event so long also but also for me and I daresay for many others living at the present time.

“For, on Holy Thursday, as Jesus sat at table with his disciples, we felt the warmth of the Upper Room, even if betrayal was in the air. As Jesus wept in the Garden for our sins, we could at least make a feeble attempt to pray along with him. As Jesus walked toward Calvary and was hoisted upon the Cross, we could at least ‘look upon him who was pierced’. But on Holy Saturday, the Savior lay in the tomb. The Redeemer is hidden. We feel his absence. There is a chasm of silence. Even the world around us somehow seems a little less noisy.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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