Holy Thursday Homily: “Connecting the Dots”

“We’ve all heard the expression, “connecting the dots”. It’s a popular way of speaking and so it’s not very exact. In general, though, it refers to the human experience of coming to see how things and persons are related one to another. For example, I might meet the father of a family in one church, greet the mother of that same family in another parish, and visit their children in a Catholic school. Then, one Sunday, the whole family comes to church together. Previously I had no idea they were members of the same family but now I do. Having connected the dots, I have a better chance to get to know this family better.

“Connecting the dots can be exciting – as when we discover interrelationships in and among various branches of knowledge. Connecting the dots can also be illuminating; for example, while praying quietly we might discover how one vice gives rise to another or how one virtue reinforces another. I consider these prayerful “eureka moments” a special gift from God.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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