Palm Sunday Homily: In Praise of the Lowly Donkey

“The editors of the popular worship-aid known as Magnificat, published a wonderful Palm Sunday reflection by St. Francis de Sales. Its point of departure is the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem. With apologies both to Magnifcat and St. Francis de Sales, I’d also like to make that donkey my point of departure for this brief homily.

“I’d note in passing that few of us have firsthand experience with donkeys but that doesn’t stop us from having a low opinion of them. We may think of donkeys as stubborn and unintelligent and of little worth. Evidently, Jesus didn’t see it that way. When Jesus entered the City of Jerusalem, he chose to ride a donkey. What did he see in the donkey what we don’t? Let me suggest three qualities:”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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