Saturday, 4th Week of Lent; Knights of Columbus Board Meeting Homily

“The Gospel today offers both comfort and challenge. The comfort it offers, however, is at best ‘cold’ comfort – it comforts us the way gallows humor amuses – but here it is – This Gospel reminds us that the roots of the deep divisions in society and even in the Church are not new but are a constant part of life because they are deeply rooted in the human heart. I can see you’re feeling better already!

“As we listened to the Gospel, we did indeed meet a people deeply divided. A fierce debate was raging about just who this Jesus was – about his pedigree and about his mission. Some thought he should be thrown into jail; others, including security guards, were attracted by his words: ‘Never before has anyone spoken like this one!’ they said. Those in charge were dismissed as ignorant the people who were attracted to Jesus and when the ever-diplomatic Nicodemus tried to moderate the debate, he too was shouted down in an early display of identity politics.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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