Friday, 4th Week of Lent; Knights of Columbus Board Meeting Homily

“Recent Popes have repeatedly reminded bishops not to be mere managers. Looking at the state of our dioceses, you might think these Popes would have insisted that we be better managers. Most of us struggle with unfunded pension liabilities, aging facilities, declining enrollment in our schools, an aging clergy, and so forth. Some manage better than others but any bishop worth his salt understands that church management these days is not exactly a walk in the park.

“No pope, of course, encourages bad management on the part of bishops. When they decry bishops who are merely managers, however, they are getting at truth that is on display in today’s Scripture readings, and it’s this: There’s no ‘managing’ God even as there is ‘no chaining the Word of God!’ We can try to manage temporalities and personnel, but managing God is above everybody’s pay grade, even the Pope’s! And so you might ask what I mean by managing God and what today’s Scripture readings have to say about this . . . at least I can hope you’re asking these things!”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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