First Sunday of Lent; Rite of Election Homily

“On the first Sunday of Lent the Church invites all of us, but especially those of you preparing for initiation at Easter, to confront the very human tendency to give in to temptation and to fall into sin. At the conclusion of Lent, during the Easter Vigil and on Easter Sunday, the Church will again remind us of our struggle with temptation and sin by inviting us to renounce sin so as to live the new life Christ won for us. You and I will be asked: ‘Do you renounce sin so as to live in the freedom of the children of God?’ And then: ‘Do you renounce the lure of evil, so that sin may have no mastery over you?’ And finally: ‘Do you renounce Satan, the author and prince of sin?’

“So, at the very beginning of Lent, the Church looks ahead to Easter, to the celebration of the Lord’s victory over sin by his Cross and Resurrection. The Church wants to guide us through these forty days of Lent, this intense time of prayer and self-sacrifice leading to the Easter Vigil, so that when the day of the Resurrection dawns, we will not half-heartedly pronounce our baptismal promises. No, we shall do so as disciples, as followers of Christ, who truly share in the victory of Christ over sin and death, as men and women who are truly free from the bondage, discord, and misery which sin, contrary what it promises, inflicts upon us and upon our world.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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