6th Sunday A; Homily

“Some years ago, on a flight from New York to Chicago,
a man seated next to me noticed that I was dressed as a priest
and asked if he could talk to me about his problems with the Church.
Just at that moment the flight attendant told us to buckle our seatbelts
and I’ll confess that I not only buckled it
but I also made sure it was pulled a little tighter than usual.
I was getting ready for in-flight turbulence of another kind.

“But, you know, it wasn’t that way at all.
My fellow passenger was a good person; he only was feeling perplexed.
In fact, he felt like a lot of people probably feel.
‘I was raised Catholic,’ he began, ‘but I’ve fallen away.
And the reason is that there are so many rules to keep.
The Church imposes too many laws and rules on its parishioners.
We need less rules and more love!'”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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