5th Sunday A; Knights of Columbus Board Meeting

“Years ago I met with a priest to discuss how things were going in his parish. Truth to tell, things were not going well. His parish was in rapid decline; Mass attendance was dropping; school enrollment was decreasing; and worst of all (!) the weekly collection was down. We began to focus on the causes for such precipitous decline. ‘It’s the culture,’ my brother priest asserted, ‘I blame the culture for all this.’ ‘But father,’ I found myself retorting, ‘It’s the culture you should be evangelizing.’

“I thought of that conversation as I reflected on today’s readings, readings that ask us to look at the culture of which we are a part, readings that challenge us to ask what our role is, as citizens and believers, in transforming that culture of which we are a part from within.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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