29th Sunday C; Knights of Columbus Board Meeting Homily

“One of my earliest memories is learning to pray. Mom and Dad prayed the Rosary every evening and they prayed with me before tucking me at night. When I was five or six, Mom told me that God always answers our prayers.

“That seemed pretty cool. At the time, ATM machines had not yet been invented but, ahead of my time, I regarded God as an ATM, a kind of Santa Claus who showed up, not just at Christmas, but all year long. So instead of submitting my list to Santa Claus, I submitted it to God. It included a bicycle, model cars, and a dog . . . none of which materialized. ‘But you told me,’ I said to my Mom, ‘God always answers our prayers.’

‘Yes,’ she said firmly, ‘and sometimes, he says, ‘no.’'”‘

Read the complete homily HERE.


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