Priests Convocation Mass 2016 Homily

“Over at Xerox, a highly paid Board of Directors, senior management, and indeed managers and employees at all levels ponder the mission of the company. Does it exist to sell copiers as it did years ago or does it exist to help companies manage documents and work flow? We can be sure that, in mapping its mission, Xerox takes into account the changing needs of what it hopes is an expanding customer base, even as the company strives to stay true to its core business.

“In the Archdiocese of Baltimore, there is no highly paid board of directors but there are many consultative bodies at the Archdiocesan and parish levels. In place of senior management there is the bishop and his senior leadership team, in place of managers there are pastors and their pastoral staffs, and in place of customers, there are parishioners as well as a very wide mission field. Xerox and the Church are very different organizations, but we, no less than they, are called to ponder the mission of the Church, ‘to read the signs of the times,’ so as to meet the pastoral needs of our time & place. The fact is we are facing a shrinking ‘customer base’ as fewer of the faithful elect to take part in Sunday Mass and share in parish life on a regular basis. We know there are ways to turn it around but this requires us to ‘re-think’ and, may I say, ‘re-pray’ our mission, and thus return to the ‘core business’ of the Church.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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