Red Mass Homily; Archdiocese of St. Louis

“Archbishop Carlson, brother priests and deacons, distinguished civic officials, members of the bench and bar, members of the Thomas More Society, fellow Knights of Columbus, parishioners and all dear friends in Christ: Thank you for your kind invitation to serve as homilist for the annual Red Mass of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. I don’t often give my homilies titles but I’d like to title this one ‘The Glue Is Missing.’

“It begins with a homework project assigned to each member of my 5th grade class. We were studying ancient Greece, so our teacher asked us to construct a cardboard replica of some example of Greek architecture, a very challenging task. Since I am all thumbs, I asked my talented Mom to help, and she willingly obliged. First she brought out several white cardboard boxes from a local department store. Then, with an artist’s eye, she traced on them the outlines of a Greek temple and, with little help from me, cut out what she had traced, including columns. My admiration for her knew no bounds as I saw a small masterpiece in the making. But then came time to glue the pieces together: ‘Where’s the glue?’ Mom asked. ‘It’s missing,’ I mumbled, and of course, Mom knew that I had absconded with the Elmer’s glue (for reasons we’ve both long since forgotten). The last thing Mom needed to do that afternoon was to go out and buy more glue, but that’s exactly what she did, and lo and behold, the masterpiece took shape. When I brought it to class the next day, my teacher knew that this replica of a Greek Temple exceeded my poor abilities, but she was gracious, and my classmates ranked it ‘best in class’ (or at least better than my violin playing).”

Read more HERE.


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