A Tribute to Msgr. Art Valenzano; Conference for Seminarians

“I’m grateful for the invitation to offer you a few reflections meant to be an aid your own prayer and reflection during this evening set aside for prayer.

“And let me begin with the beginning of my ministry in Baltimore. Just over four years ago, I celebrated my last Confirmation in Connecticut and then drove down to Baltimore … and wouldn’t you know it, the traffic was terrific. I arrived in front of what would be my residence about 5:30 in the afternoon. It is a large gray house, then clad in what we Baltimoreans call ‘form stone’, a type of stucco common to many older houses in the city,  and in this case, the form stone was a dark gray, “haunted-house” hue. The house also has a formidable flight of steps  that lead to a set of doors with iron bars. Truth to tell, my heart was in my mouth going up those steps. ‘What’s waiting for me on the other side of those doors?’ I wondered.”

Read the complete talk HERE.


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