24th Sunday C Homily; Order of the Sons of Italy Memorial Mass

“I am grateful for the invitation to celebrate this memorial Mass in which we commend to the Lord the members of the Grand Lodge of Maryland who, during the past year, have gone home to the Lord. I feel a special connection to the Sons and Daughters of Italy because I am proud to claim Italian heritage myself and because I am so grateful for all the good work that the Order accomplishes – most notably promoting the Italian language, Italian history, culture, and food; offering scholarships for deserving young people and their families, supporting many worthy causes that benefit the wider community, assistance for those facing natural disasters, and so much more. Thank you also for being an integral part of St. Leo’s Parish and for keeping alive Little Italy as a vital part of the City of Baltimore. For this is for so much more, please accept my warmest gratitude.

“During this Mass, Brother Dan Longo will read the names of those members of the Sons of Italy who have gone home to the Lord during the past year. As you hear the names of those who have died, you will gratefully recall the friendship you shared with them in OSIA and you will also recall how they participated in the good works of the Order. And we will join together in asking that the Lord, in his merciful love, take them unto himself and give them the joy of everlasting life. We do this at Mass because the Mass renews the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross by which our sins are forgiven and the gates of heaven are unlocked for us. In every Mass, we share in the Christ’s redeeming love for us: a love which is stronger than sin and more powerful than death; a love which enables our prayers to reach the ears of our heavenly Father; a love which enables our prayers to support our deceased brothers and sisters… and so it could be said that your fraternity spans time and eternity, earth and heaven.”

Read the complete homily HERE.


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