21st Sunday Homily; Resurrection, Ellicott City; St. Augustine, Elkridge

“It has been three and a half years since Pope Francis was elected and what an impact he has had on the Church and on the world. Certainly he is having an impact on the Archdiocese of Baltimore as together we reflect upon our relationship with the Lord and one another and as we consider how well we are fulfilling the mission which the Lord has entrusted to the Church – this is the mission of spreading the Gospel – not merely as a set of ideas but as a way of life capable of waking up the world.

“By word and example Pope Francis has given us two points to ponder as we go about the work of continually revitalizing and renewing the Church. The first is to ask about the depth of our relationship with Lord and one another. The second is our readiness as individuals and as a parish family to go on mission, to go in search of those who left the faith, those who seeking truth, meaning and love, those who are poor, vulnerable, and wounded in our throw-away culture.”

Read the complete homily HERE. 


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