10th Sunday C Homily

“Today’s Scripture readings relate two instances in which a son was restored to life and returned to his mother:

The prophet Elijah pleaded with God for the child of a woman who had accused the prophet of having come to remind her of her sins, sins which she wrongly assumed were the cause of her son’s death. Elijah pleaded with God not only to restore her son to life but also to restore the woman’s faith. God listened to his plea and Elijah was able to return the child to his mother alive. For her part, the woman glorified God and put her faith in the prophet’s words as he spoke in behalf of the God of power and glory.

In the Gospel, Jesus’s mercy and compassion are revealed. Entering the city of Nain, accompanied by a large crowd, Jesus came upon a grieving widow who had lost her only son. She did not ask him for a miracle but Jesus showed her great compassion. In his own power as the Son of God he raised the young man from the dead, just as he would raise the daughter of Jairus from the dead and cause Lazarus to come forth from the tomb. Thus Jesus is revealed as the very incarnation of God’s mercy, as truly the Lord of life and of love.”

Read the full homily HERE.


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