Corpus Christi 2016 Homily

“Not long ago, I found myself on a plane seated next to a passenger who seemed agitated and anxious to talk.
Seeing my Roman collar, she asked, “Are you a Catholic priest?”
“Yes, and also a bishop,” I added parenthetically, bracing myself for turbulence.
As it turned out, she was a very nice person who just needed to talk to someone.
“I don’t feel good about myself,” she said, “I’m empty inside.
Things aren’t going well at home and sometimes I think I’m on the outs with God.”

As the conversation continued I prayed to the Holy Spirit
that her moment of distress would become a moment of peace and joy in the Lord.
Truth to tell, I’m not sure where things stood when we parted but I still pray for her, and as a priest I’m also keenly aware that she is more the rule than the exception. Many people lead stressful lives at home and at work.
Sometimes they react to the problems and inequities of life by becoming angry, defensive, and self-centered. And just when their need for God and the things of God is most apparent, they allow their relationship with the Lord and with fellow believers to trail off. They end up going it alone and they end up being alone…”

Read the full homily HERE.


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