Center for Pregnancy Concerns

Pregnancy Center Clothes & ToysI had the pleasure of visiting the Center for Pregnancy Concerns in Essex, Maryland today. This pro-life pregnancy center, which receives support from the Archdiocese but is not a Catholic apostolate, was founded in 1980 to aid women in unplanned pregnancies by providing them with free services and goods. The Center’s mission is “to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of women and their unborn children.” Among the services provided to the women who turn to CPC for assistance in carrying their baby to term, include confidential peer counseling, prenatal development information, and access to ultrasound technology, as administered by a certified nurse sonographer. The Center also provides women with maternity clothing, formula, diapers, clothing, and many other necessities. In short, CPC and similar pro-life pregnancy centers help women choose life! The Center is a true a ministry and a blessing to the women who turn to them with few or no options, and to their unborn children. May God continue to bless the Center and all who work and volunteer there on behalf of life.


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