Monsignor Art


The Archdiocese of Baltimore lost one of its best priests over the Labor Day weekend as Monsignor Arthur Valenzano. Rector of the Basilica of the Assumption, lost his long battle with cancer. “Monsignor Art”, as he was known to so many, was among the very first priests I met upon arriving to Baltimore three years ago to begin serving as Archbishop of the Premier See. Because the Basilica Rectory also serves as the Archbishop’s Residence, we shared a home and got to know one another well. It did not take long for me to realize what a good and holy priest Monsignor Art was and why he was so beloved by all—priests and laity alike. His kindness, joy and care for others made everyone around him feel special and he brought the love of Jesus to all he encountered, whether a parishioner, a visitor, or someone he encountered on the street. Living in the city, Monsignor Art was frequently approached by people in need of help and he always treated those who approached him as though they were his friends. He readily dispensed compassion, respect and prayer, along with the few dollars he would carry with him whenever he would go for a walk. That kindness was so typical of Monsignor Art and is why he endeared himself to those he served throughout his priestly ministry. Our Church is enriched and blessed to have been so ably served by such a priest. May his example be with us always, and guide our words and deeds as we seek to bring others closer to Christ, just like my friend and brother priest, Monsignor Art.


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